Raw logic


Raw logic was created during Sunday afternoon conversation with my niece who asked the question how do we do something that that asks people to ask themself how can you believe the majority of why you hear and read unless you can use real logical to make sense of things simply asking how do we get our point across when so many can’t use logic to live in todays reality in what they call against the grain or no filter hence Raw logic apparel, raw logic apparel is a simplistic approach to a clothing line with various sayings that we like to call Raw Logic

Rawlogic is a unique interchangeable patch system that is available in many different colors and phrases and is universal to our brand  that can change with your daily mood, our patches will  match our hats our shirts and our designer clothes. Our clothes are made of the most comfortable softest durable tri blend and cotton materials  including a line of back packsWe also have a patch of the month club you will receive a designer box for $30 that holds 24 patches and for 12.99 per month you will get a new patch every month with the months most popular sayings